Pearly White Smile - Laser Tooth Whitening Gel

Tooth Whitening also known as Dental Bleaching is a common procedure in general and cosmetic dentistry.
DC International is proud to offer Pearly White Smile

Major Benefits of Pearly White Smile:
1. Fast lasing procedure: 30 seconds per quadrant
2. No reported sensitivity from patients
3. Optimal results
4. Safer on the enaml than other whitening solutions*

Laser Tooth Whitening is the most modern and most gentle method for giving teeth a gleaming white appearance.

The effectiveness of the bleaching gel is immediately activated by the laser light.
The procedure is fast so the bleaching gel can be removed from the teeth much more quickly.
Laser Tooth Whitening is more gentle on the teeth and provides better results than traditional bleaching procedures.

Why Pearly White Smile?

- Fast lasing procedure: laser activation in 30 seconds per arch
- Patients experience minimal sensitivity thanks to the combination of a neutral pH, low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, TiO2
- Pearly White Smile was developed to guarantee optimum results with diode laser (810nm - 980nm) and Nd:YAG lasers with absolute protection for the teeth.
- The heat is absorbed in the gel and post-treatment teeth sensitivity is a thing of the past.

Tooth Whitening Hand Piece has been especially engineered to optimise laser tooth whitening procedures.

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