Laser curettage
Laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed
and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket


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Diode Laser Articles - Periodontics / Hygiene (PDF)


Effects of 980nm Diode Laser Treatment Combined with Scaling and Root Planning on Periodontal Pockets in Chronic Periodontitis
Alireza Fallah, DDS, M.Sc. , PhD Candidate, Aachen Institute for Laser Dentistry, Lasers in Dentistry XVI 2010

Treatment of Periodontal Pockets with a Diode Laser
Drs A. Moritz, U. Schoop, K. Goharkhay, P. Schauer, O. Doertbudak, J. Wernisch and W. Sperr - Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 22:302-311 (1998)

Gingival curettage study comparing a laser treatment to hand instruments
Jiang Lin & Liangjia Bi & Li Wang & Yuqi Song & Wei Ma & Steve Jensen & Densen Cao, Lasers Med Sci (2011) 26:7–11

Photodynamic therapy in periodontal therapy: Microbiological observtions from a private practice
Georgios E Romanos, DDS,, PhD, Birgit Brink, DMD,, General Dentistry, March/April 2012 e68-e73

The Short-term Effect of Diode Laser (980 nm) Treatment on Aggressive Periodontitis. Evaluation of Clinical and Microbiological Parameters
Joanna J. Kamma, Vassilis G S Vasdekis, George E Romanos, J Oral Applications 2006; 6:111-121

Sulcular Debridment
Courtesy of S. Camargo, DDS, PhD

 Removal of epithelium in periodontal pockets following diode (980 nm) laser application in the animal model: an in vitro study
George E Romanos, Marco Henze, Sarah Banihashemi, Hamid R Parsanejad, Jürge Winckler, George-Hubertus Nentwig
Department of Oral Surgery and Implantology, Dental School (Carolinum), Frankfurt, Germany
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Various Articles


Laser safety in dentistry
C. Sweeney, MA, MBA, BSc, General Dentistry, November-December 2008, Pg. 653-659